Your mind won’t turn off. You can’t relax. You need things to be perfect. You can’t handle plans changing at the last minute. Maybe you have flashbacks, or you want to be happy in life but whenever it starts to happen you find yourself getting restless (and maybe sabotaging the situation). As an integrative psychotherapist, I do great work with overachieving perfectionists, adults with anxiety, and trauma/stress concerns. I help people get out of their heads into their bodies, and then help them learn to feel safe there. I will partner with you in pursuing growth and excellence while learning to hold yourself with compassion. 

When thinking is part of what causes you strife, thinking may not be the solution. Modern psychotherapy (and to an extent medicine as a whole) values intellectual understanding, but for many of us this is incomplete. We may know a truth but until we embody it, the consequences of that knowledge may be elusive. I can help you get that knowledge to a deeper place within yourself.

Welcome to Embodying Freedom. 

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Increase Wellbeing

Release limiting beliefs, old stories and other barriers to wellness. Be more of who you really are, before you started to believe you were too much/not enough/unworthy.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Find greater peace and stillness through holistic support that helps you embody new patterns. Recover from burnout and receive support to release worst-case scenarios.

Yoga Psychotherapy

Interested in incorporating elements of yoga into your treatment? I have my RYT200 and am completing an RYT300 course specific to yoga and mental health in December 2021. I would be delighted to assist you in your recovery through a yogic lens.

Trauma Recovery

Reduce flashbacks, hyperarousal, irritability, shame & avoidance. My approach to trauma therapy is individualized and incorporates the body because that is often where most of the trauma is stored.

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