Health and Wellness Coaching

Interested to know how you can free yourself from unhealthy habits, stress, smoking, negativity and other obstacles to experience your best life? Coaching may be the solution!

Some people don’t want therapy. Therapy is often problem-focused. Therapy is limited to your mental and emotional experience, and involves a diagnosis based on what is wrong. Diagnosis can be tricky, as it can seep into our identity, our sense of self, in a way that limits us. For people that want to address depression, anxiety, ADHD or other mental health needs, therapy is a great resource, and is usually covered by health insurance. Coaching is not generally covered by health insurance, and is very different conceptually from therapy.

Health and Wellness Coaching is a good fit if you…

…want to improve your lifestyle mentally, physically, spiritually, or environmentally.

…have a specific reason you want to make some changes, like an upcoming event.

…want support in cultivating an environment that truly supports you.

…want to really deep dive into why, despite all your efforts, you have not yet achieved the results you want.

…know the right things to do but struggle to do them.

…are a helping professional and recognize you are on the verge of burnout (or already burned out).

…need support for emotional eating.

…hope to improve your relationship with yourself.

…are seeking to change your mindset about a specific situation or quality in yourself.

Coaching is not therapy. It is present-focused, solution-focused and action-oriented. A coach provides accountability and support in activating your own internal resources to accomplish the changes you wish to make.


One Month Kickstart – $395

Everything you need to move in a new direction towards your ideal outcome. Initial consultation, goal setting, two follow-up calls and a month of messaging for accountability and support.

One Month Maintenance – $295

Two follow-up calls to review progress, make adjustments as needed, and maintain motivation plus one month of messaging support



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